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Firm Friends 2024 international network meeting in Barcelona

Firm Friends is a network of European legal and accounting advisors born at the beginning of the century and of which Metricson has been a member since 2017. Each year this meeting is organised by one of the member firms of the network and which has never been held in Spain to date. In 2024, […]

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good leaver and bad leaver

Types of abandonment clauses: good leaver and bad leaver

In the context of M&A transactions, it is common to find various clauses designed to ensure that founders, key partners and investors are committed to the company and that their exit does not represent a loss for the company. Within a company, there are various clauses and mechanisms used to regulate and ensure the commitment […]

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venture capital

What is venture capital?

In recent years, the Spanish business landscape has undergone a notable evolution thanks to the increasingly significant presence of Venture Capital (“VC”) as a financing model. This investment mechanism has become a key element to boost the development and growth of companies that have just started operations in our country. In this article, we will […]

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drawing of a handshake sealing a partnership pact

6 aspects of the shareholders’ agreement to be taken into account

From the last interview of Luis Gosálbez for the European Business and Innovation Centre of Valencia, we can extract some very important aspects to take into account about the shareholders’ agreement. 1. What is a shareholders’ agreement? A shareholders’ agreement, from a theoretical point of view, is an agreement between the partners of the company […]

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Certificación empresas emergentes

Ministerial Order on the certification of start-ups: a detailed analysis

On 20 July 2023, the Ministry of the Presidency approved Order PCM/825/2023, which regulates the certification procedure for start-ups, provided for in Law 28/2022 on Startups. It came into force the following day, 21 July 2023, following its publication in the BOE. If you do not know if your company is eligible for certification, you […]

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telephone spam law

Telecommunications law: the end of spam calls

On 30 June, the new article 66 of the Telecommunications Law came into force. This article deals with the “right to the protection of personal data and privacy in relation to unsolicited communications, traffic and location data and subscriber directories” and specifically, in its paragraph one letter b) the right not to receive unwanted calls. […]

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right of withdrawal of membership

When does a partner’s right of withdrawal exist?

The right of separation of the partner in a commercial company is a key aspect of company law and it is essential to be familiar with it in order to adequately protect the rights and interests of the partners. In general terms, the partners can separate from the company for two types of causes covered […]

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8 key steps to setting up a foundation

Foundations are entities with private legal personality created on a non-profit basis, whose assets are permanently allocated to the realisation of general interest purposes, according to the will of the founders, the established bylaws and the Law. Setting up foundations: the 8 points you should bear in mind To set up a foundation, the following […]

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Paraisos fiscales

Tax havens – moving my tax residence to a tax haven?

Tax havens are territories or countries that offer tax and financial benefits to foreign individuals and companies, such as low taxes or a lack of strict financial regulations. These territories often have lax or non-existent regulation in terms of transparency and international cooperation on tax matters, which can facilitate tax evasion and tax avoidance, although […]

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right of veto in shareholders' agreements

Veto rights in shareholder agreements – how does it work?

The veto in shareholder agreements One of the most discussed points in shareholder agreements is the way in which certain types of agreements, commonly known as reserved matters, are adopted. This includes aspects such as the extent and typology of such reserved matters, quorums and majorities, the types of shares or company shares affected or […]

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