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Club Startups Metricson Terms and Conditions

Club Startups Metricson Terms and Conditions


CLUB STARTUPS METRICSON is a free startup program of support of services and of special conditions for newly created technology companies.

Technology-based companies that meet the following conditions can join to our CLUB:

Less than 2 years of seniority.
Turnover of less than 500.000€ during the previous 12 months.
Not have obtained an investment or financing of more than €500,000.

FAST LINE: those companies that have been accelerated or participated or are associated with any of Metricson’s partners, may join directly to the CLUB.

In any case, the CLUB is a private initiative, METRICSON reserves the right of admission of any company that chooses for the CLUB benefits, as well as METRICSON reserves the right of the inclusion of that companies in any of the benefits on an individualized manner.


2.1. Metricson Market.

Membership of the CLUB STARTUPS METRICSON offers to the participating companies the possibility of benefiting from METRICSON MARKET, an internal marketplace from METRICSON clients and partners in which member companies can:

1) Broadcast offers or promotions for the rest of the community in order to gain new customers and generate business.

2) Get benefit from the offers and promotions of other companies.

2.2 Legal Alerts.

Updating service through legal alerts. Sending to the companies that are part of the CLUB STARTUPS, legislative alerts related to the approval or entry into force of new laws that affect the information technology industry as well as content of value.

METRICSON shall establish when this information will be sent, without being obliged, at any time, to stipulate a minimum frequency.

2.3. Office Hours.

The companies of the CLUB STARTUPS METRICSON will be able to benefit from the offer of free "office hours", a service to solve doubts and legal queries by specialized lawyers.

METRICSON will determine the time available to provide the service, which has to be determined beforehand and by scheduled appointment.

This service shall not include carrying out legal tasks beyond consultation and advice or dure more than the stipulated time METRICSON predetermined for that purpose. Nor will it involve displacement or face-to-face contact with the lawyer.

This service will be able to be requested by companies adhered to the CLUB with the following limitations and conditions:

a) It shall not be permitted for a company or person to centralize more than 30 minutes of consultations in the same session or day unless there is express agreement with METRICSON.

b) The maximum number of hours per month may not exceed one and a half hours (1 hour and 30 minutes) per company or person unless there is express agreement with METRICSON.

c) In order to establish the companies that benefit from the service, each week the requests will be attended according to the order of arrival.

d) METRICSON shall establish the mechanism for organizing the appointments, it shall not constitute an accumulative right for the companies in case that the times available are already scheduled.

e) METRICSON will establish the availability of its lawyers relating to these services, freely determining which professional can attend these free consultations at any time.

2.4. Beneficial economic conditions in legal services.

The companies that are part of the CLUB STARTUPS METRICSON have exclusive economic conditions for contracting legal services, with a minimum discount of THIRTY PER CENT (30%) for at least the first six months of contracting in the following service packages (PACKS):

  • Investment Pack:

This pack includes different legal services to regulate investment, such as the execution of capital increases, drafting of the shareholders' agreements or the drafting of commercial contracts with founding partners and/or freelancers.

As special condition, the discount will be applied to operations with: a maximum of 3 investors, a maximum amount of the round of 200,000 €, and will not include the processing of documentation for foreign partners. In any case, the extension of the service will be determined under another proposal signed by the company.

  • Pack Compliance:

Package of services relating to compliance includes: 1) legal obligations of the website or app: legal notice, privacy policy, cookie policy and general conditions of recruitment, and 2) obligations on data protection. The conditions will be determined in an individualized proposal in each case.

  • Fee Pack:

For companies that need in their initial stages continuous legal support, METRICSON offers a five-hour (5h) monthly exchange at a reduced price of 400€, VAT not included.

The services offered by METRICSON may be structured, among others, in the following blocks: Corporate, Technological Compliance, Data Protection or Intellectual Property. In any case, the extension of them will be determined by a new proposal signed by the company.

  • Pack Consultancy by Metagest:

Specific package of labor, tax and accounting services for technological projects.

METRICSON may apply discounts and beneficial conditions in other services, contracted by companies of the STARTUPS CLUB.

Unless express agreement between METRICSON and the companies benefiting from the plan, this offer does not include procedural and bankruptcy legal services, consultancy services, advice in other countries apart from Spain, nor any other serviced offered by METRICSON through collaborators or third parties.

For the provision of any legal service by METRICSON companies must sign a proposal, where the terms and conditions are expressed. For that matter, any other published offer, is only an exposition of services, the signed proposal is the document required to generate commercial effects.


The participation in the CLUB STARTUPS METRICSON will imply that the company and/or its promoter team or partners must comply with the following commitments:

1) To allow METRICSON to include the trademark/logo in the public list of companies for which it works or has worked.

2) Organize broadcasting actions together with METRICSON, through its own communication channels and social networks, with the aim of broadcast its membership of the CLUB STARTUPS METRICSON. This implies an strategy of common benefit and visibility of both entities that does not involves disclosing data on operations or confidential work, or issues protected by professional secrecy.

3) Communicate to METRICSON the contact details of the company, in order to allow its participation in the program. This communication and the inclusion within the CLUB STARTUPS implies acceptance of METRICSON's general privacy conditions contained in this website. These general conditions shall also apply to any subject matter not expressly regulated in this document.

For the companies that have contracted some of the described services benefiting from the special conditions of the CLUB, being considered clients, they will have to fulfill, in addition to the mentioned ones, the following commitments:

1) Incorporate the trademark of the "CLUB STARTUPS METRICSON", or the trademark of METRICSON in a visible place of their web page or mobile application.

2) Contract METRICSON, preferably, to any legal advice related to its activity during the 24 months following the date on which this agreement is signed.

METRICSON may establish specific conditions for any of the benefits or services of the CLUB STARTUPS described above. The signing of a proposal or a contract may be required at any time. The updated conditions and requirements established for this purpose shall be applicable.

METRICSON may exclude from the program those participants who do not comply with the obligations laid down in CLUB STARTUP METRICSON Terms and Conditions.

Likewise, the benefits described and established as general conditions of the CLUB STARTUPS may be cancelled, limited or modified at any time by METRICSON according to the evolution of the market. This shall not imply at any time the release from the obligations contracted by signed proposals signed with any of the companies involved.