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Stackscale Private Cloud

Stackscale is a Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider offering Private Cloud services. For Stackscale services, the most important resources are of exclusive use by the customer, thus, are highly protected against any activities performed by neighbouring customers.

This facility is not only for medium-sized or large consumers of computer resources and network storage, it is also to every sort of suppliers of e-commerce, online journals, video or streaming platforms, special requirements of bandwidth, etc.

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Special discounts

  • Register nodes with a 10% discount
  • Initial discount of 10% in nodes and 50% in bandwidth.
  • Apart from that, depending on the project, extra discounts may be considered.

Enjoy special discounts

If you want to join to the special discounts offered by StackScale to Metricson, please, fill the form bellow and we will contact you immediately.